Paver King-Asphalt-Seal-Coating and driveway repairs in Toronto, Etobicke, Mississauga and Oakville


aplying asphalt seal coat to driveways
painting lines and asphalt seal coating commrecial driveways
repair of potholes and aplying asphalt seal coat to driveways

How PAVER KING complete the asphalt sealcoating of your driveway:

When the crew arrives, they will knock on your door to make sure your cars have been moved and let you know they are there.

PAVER KING crew will use a high powered gas blower to remove any loose debris and sweep your driveway using a heavy duty or power broom.

 If you have any overgrown bushes, scrubs or ivy they will do their best to go either under or around them.  They will also fill the cracks agreed upon crack filling charged per linear foot.

PAVER KING crew will then apply a coal tar emulsion. It will dry to a black finish and protect your driveway from damage caused by weather, gas, and oil spills.

When the sealcoating is completed, we will block off your driveway to traffic and let you know that the job has been completed and collect your payment.

Your driveway will be dry enough for you to walk on in approximately 4-6 hours.

You can put your vehicles back on the driveway after 36 hours.  It takes approximately 24 hours for the sealer to cure.

We will also assist you with any outdoor maintenance of your stone, pavers, flagstone and do all necessary repairs, pressure wash, sealing and polymeric sand re-installation so there will be no weeds growing in your driveway or walkway.


PAVER KING sells, delivers and installs interlock stone pavers, retaining walls from from the best product manufactures and suppliers to assure homeowners with highest  standards for all landscaping and outdoor and indoor construction needs.

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